SARS-CoV-2 Results In Comeback For Convertible Arbitrage

The turmoil of this year’s markets due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has resulted in the return of ‘convertible arbitrage’, a technique that has been favoured by hedge funds for decades but had, in recent years, been less prominent in the minds of financial managers. Due to the seemingly-unpredictable peaks and troughs of financial markets all […]

What Could A No-deal Brexit Mean For Sterling?

Sterling has come under pressure again as trade talks between the UK and the European Union become increasingly fractious and the chances of a deal being made before the end of the UK-EU transition period on December 31 look more remote than ever. Calm Before The Storm So far, sterling has been relatively immune to […]

Eat Out To Help Out Scheme Drives Down UK Inflation Rate

The UK’s inflation rate has fallen sharply as the Eat Out to Help Out scheme pushed down restaurant prices. In August, the inflation rate was just 0.2%, which is a fifth of the recorded level in July and is also the lowest point for five years in the UK. The inflation rate was also reduced […]

Nvidia Gathers ARMs

After the rough ride for tech stocks last week, there’s some huge news for graphics giant Nvidia ($NVDA) as it enjoys (so-far) a 6% pre-market stock rise, which could climb much higher during trading hours. This surge comes with the news that it’s acquired the UK semiconductor creator ARM. The move comes as a twist […]

E-Sports Are Heading For The LSE

Guild E-Sports have set their eyes on floating on the London Stock Exchange, making them the first e-sport company in the United Kingdom to open up its shares to the general market. The company – in which footballer and celebrity personality David Beckham has a significant stake in – will give fans of e-sports a […]

UK Firms Aren’t Ready For New EU Trading Rules

A top business group has stated that UK firms aren’t prepared for changes that Brexit will bring to UK and EU trading rules. The British Chambers of Commerce have conducted research which has produced concerning results, suggesting that businesses may not be ready to operate once we leave the customs union and EU single market. […]

XM Begin Their Kilo Of Gold Promotion have kicked off their ‘Kilo Of Gold’ promotion which runs throughout September. It is a unique prize, offering traders the chance to claim some physical gold, simply by trading as they do normally. Read on to find out more. Can You Win Gold With XM? The promotion is restricted to traders from certain regions. […]

Tesla Stock Drops Sharply By 17%

Tesla, an American vehicle and technology company, suffered a huge loss as it fell 21% in morning trades. This is the worst trading day for Tesla since the company went public in 2010. This sharp drop may be surprising for many traders, as Tesla recently celebrated a 52-week high. Traders Favourite Tesla became a popular […]

Why Oracle Could Outbid Microsoft And Twitter For TikTok

For short term investors looking to generate a quick profit, buying stock in American software company Oracle Corporation has to be at the top of the list. Since they made it known they are in the running to purchase the social media app TikTok, their stock has risen by 10% since mid-August. It has come […]

Apple’s Value Overtakes The Entire FTSE 100

Apple has overtaken the combined value of the entire FTSE 100 index with its $2tn market value. This incredible milestone shows how the tech firm has thrived this year despite the pandemic. FTSE 100 The FTSE 100 is an index of the UK’s largest public companies by market capitalisation. Since the start of the year, […]

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